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2016 is a milestone year for On The Move Caravans.

We are celebrating 10 years in business and we are building a special 10 year Anniversary van

We would like everyone to help us celebrate. There will be lots of prizes to be won, with regular updates on Facebook. Just click the link to our Facebook page… FACEBOOK LINK



Would you like to be part of the On The Move Caravans Annual Road Trip to beautiful 1770 in Queensland? 

We need to confirm the specific number of people who definitely want to be in 1770. I only have a few people who have confirmed their booking for the Annual Road Trip. Time is running out to orgainse everything.

As I am sure you can understand it is a long way for Lennie to travel if there are only a few people who will be going. With limited spots available at the holiday park, we really don’t want anyone to miss out.

If you would like to confirm your spot, please contact Rose at the office on 03 9357 6662 by Thursday, 14th July. If you know of someone who wants to come please let them know to contact the office by Thursday.

On The Move Caravans was created from a dream by owners Lennie and Jennifer Mifsud. Lennie, a qualified auto electrician, and Jennifer, an interior designer, wanted to put their various trade skills and love of the outdoors into their favorite pastime, caravanning. Lennie’s love of creating began by building caravans alongside his father at a young age. In 2006 Lennie set out to build a caravan that would hold his family and his boat so they could tour the Northern Territory together while he and his son could also indulge in their other passion of fishing. This van was called “The Ultimate Escape” and paved the way for On The Move Caravans to make its mark on the industry. This innovation has continued and today On The Move create the finest quality caravans on the market. One example of this is the Grenade Series II. As part of the Best Aussie Vans 2014 series, the Grenade Series II won its category with flying colours. Our commitment to create something different has enabled us to manufacture a range of vans to suit all travellers’ needs. Whether you’re a fisherman, an off-roads enthusiast or just the happy traveller wanting to see our vast country.We have a collection that is sure to satisfy your travelling requirements. Our team of quality craftsmen endeavour to create your ultimate travelling holiday package on wheels. There is nothing spared when it comes to quality at On The Move Caravans.

Readers Mart cover for The Sunday Times in Perth, WA. 

Owner Director  of On The Move Caravans in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Lennie Mifsud and wife Jennifer  and their Vortex luxury caravan.

Picture:Carmelo Bazzano